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Orthodontics and Clear Aligners - Scarborough Dental Services
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Orthodontic treatment

At Kotansky Dental in Scarborough, we offer a wide range of dental specializations including orthodontics. Braces and SureSmile clear aligners help to straighten your teeth so they look and work better.

"A dentist with additional training in addressing bite problems, misplaced teeth, and jaw anomalies is known as an ORTHODONTIST".

One of the most positive side benefits of orthodontics is the boost in self-confidence! If your smile is crooked or you are in constant pain from a misaligned bite, you might not smile much and keep your mouth closed in photographs. A straight, even, and functional smile is one of the most beautiful features a person can have.

No Age Restriction

Orthodontic treatment is not just for teens, as teeth can be straightened at any stage. Clear Aligners have changed orthodontics for the better by giving patients and dentists more options to choose from. Anyone who wants a beautiful smile can get clear aligners and wear them anywhere. Everyone can have a beautiful smile with new orthodontics technology.

Types of orthodontic treatment There are 3 main types of orthodontic treatment:

Metal or Ceramic braces
Metal braces use brackets made of medical-grade stainless steel, while ceramic braces use a polycrystalline alumina that can either be clear or the same colour as your tooth. The stainless steel is extremely noticeable against the white of your teeth, so ceramic brackets are appealing for their discreet appearance.

Removable appliances
Removable appliances can be used to make simple movements such as helping to correct a tooth that is trapped behind the bite (i.e. in a 'crossbite') or widening the arch.

SureSmile Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners are thin clear flexible plastic trays which fit closely over the teeth. A series of aligners are used to move the teeth incrementally according to a treatment plan developed by the orthodontist. It functions mechanically in a similar fashion to conventional metal dental braces. Due to their removable design, Clear Aligners do not obstruct eating and make it easier to clean your teeth.

However, not all orthodontic issues can be corrected with Clear Aligner. If you have orthodontic needs, Dr. Kotansky can help you decide if this course of treatment is right for you during a consultation.

If you are looking for a beautiful smile, Dr. Kotansky is here to help you.
Contact us today and start smiling!

New Patients Welcome

We are always happy to welcome new patients to our family dental clinic. We are a family oriented oral health practice and welcome young children, teens, adults, and seniors, addressing the unique needs and desires of each age.

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